Refreshing, comforting and calming, tea has been enjoyed for 4,700 years throughout the world, following it’s discovery in China.

Cha Do or “way of tea” consists of making , serving and drinking tea in a silent, meditative way.

Guests enter the Tea House through a garden , passing through a gate which transports them from the mundane world to the spiritual world.
The tea house has few decorations, so the mind is not distracted from the ritual and tasting of the tea.

Small delicacies are served to clean the palate and enhance the enjoyment of the tea. Guests silently admire the vessels used for the ceremony, usually hand made pottery of exquisite beauty.

After tasting several tea infusions , a short meditation ends the occasion.
Every detail of the ritual builds meaning , and embodies the respect, sharing and consideration at the heart of the hospitality.

This is a lovely birthday gift. Can accommodate three people at one time.

Session last 60 Mins