Gong meditation is a unique sound practice using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bathe participants in sound waves. The auditory stimuli leads to entrainment , a form of modified brainwave frequencies.

“ Alpha” state is reached through frequencies 8-12 Hz , associated with creativity and feelings of relaxation. This state is followed by “Theta” , between 4 and 7 Hz associated with deep meditation.

Gong Meditation Benefits:

This beautiful sound experience helps reduce stress and can liberate emotional blockages.Scientific evidence suggests that certain forms of sound healing are thought to prompt damaged human DNA strands to repair themselves. Some tones are thought to promote vitality and healing, and also enhance happiness.
Using sound as the focus in meditation, the mind finds an anchor to achieve the balance between vigilance and relaxation.

Thursday Evenings 18:00pm - 19:30pm

Cost: Dana (Donation/Generosity)